About the artist

>Eric Heinzman, Landscape Artist

Eric Heinzman is a watercolor landscape artist from Upstate New York.

He grew up in Michigan. In Michigan, you’re never far from the water, which meant that rivers and lakes both Great and small figured at the heart of just about every outdoor adventure. Eric is still drawn to the water to this day, which is why water bodies tend to feature prominently in his work.

After studying art and design at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, Eric translated his visual arts skills into a career in the software design field, originally as a graphic designer and subsequently building upon that foundation into a career as an experience architect.

Eric continued to paint on the side during his design career, and has recently discovered a passion for painting landscapes in watercolor. This is in large part a reaction to being immersed in technology both at work and in the world in general. “I think landscapes are calming on a fundamental level because they resonate with our being in a way that just gets lost in the hyper-technological world that we live in,” Eric says. “For me, watercolor is the perfect medium for painting natural subjects, because the unpredictability of wet-on-wet color mirrors the ordered chaos found in natural patterns.”